The Hidden Scientific Facts Behind Ear Piercing

The Hidden Scientific Facts Behind Ear Piercing | Body Art Supply

Ear Lobe piercing has been shown to reduce impairments in the eyes, ears, oesophagus, tongue to a significant degree if completed at a young age, and it is also one amongst the popular 16 sacraments, ceremonies, and sacrifices performed to mark the passage of time and to symbolize cultural history and upbringing. 

If you think that piercing is trendy and you are planning to do it, you must be astonished to realize that piercing and wearing body piercing jewellery has several hidden scientific facts.  Here we have mentioned certain benefits of ear piercing and their scientific facts associated with its positive impacts:

Here are 7 Amazing Scientific Facts about Ear Piercing, that we bet you didn’t know.

Here are 7 Amazing Scientific Facts about Ear Piercing, that we bet you didn't know.
  1. The lobe of the ear is the crucial point or site of enhancing reproductive health. Moreover, wearing body piercing jewellery in your ears has also been found to help maintain a healthy and regular menstrual cycle.
  2. According to Ayurveda, the two vital acupressure sites, i.e., master sensory and master cerebral, are where the ear is generally pierced, and these 2 points are crucial for maintaining and enhancing proper hearing of the children. Acupressure experts believe that this spot serves as the central point for relieving tinnitus problems such as buzzing and ringing ears. 
  3. Acupressure theory believes that ear piercing helps prevent mental illnesses such as nervousness, anxiety, and OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder. 
  4. Wearing body piercing jewellery in the ears is believed to aid in better sperm production in men. Thus, it makes it a mandatory custom in certain specific cultures to assist boys in preserving and maintaining their reproductive health.
  5. The centre of vision in our eyes is located at the ear’s centre point. Thus, piercing them and wearing body piercing jewellery would help apply pressure to these spots, and it ultimately aids in vision improvement.
  6. It is claimed that stimulating the spot near the ear helps keep one’s digestive system in good shape. This is also the site of hunger, and stimulating it lessens the risk of obesity. Thus, piercing ears are associated with better health benefits.
  7. Ear piercing has also been shown to help in reducing back pains, and this theory appears implausible, but it has been confirmed and tested via scientific investigation.


Benefits of Ear Piercing and their Scientific Facts | Body Art Supply

Generally, the masculine side of the body is thought to be the right side, and thus, the right ear of the boys is pierced first. Similarly, in girls, the left side of the body is considered the feminine side, ultimately making the left ears of the girls be pierced first.

These spots in the body correspond to the feminine and the masculine parts of the body of the human population. Furthermore, ear piercings are more advantageous if done during early childhood instead of at a later stage.

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