Henna Mehndi and its Importance

What is Henna Mehndi | Body Art Supply

Henna is a plant extract that is used in creating intricate ethnic or contemporary designs and patterns on various parts of the body, though traditionally applied to the hands and feet of women preparing for special ceremonies. Once thought only for women, men are finding it a nice alternative to permanent tattoos, sporting Mehndi tattoo designs as well.

The process of applying henna in this manner is called Mehndi, an ancient ritual and art form dating back 5,000 years and is considered good luck in India, Middle East, and North Africa.

About Henna Product

Henna is a natural product, a plant, growing in size from 3 to 5 feet and can vary slightly from region to region. Its leaves are then dried and ground to make the henna powder. The ingredient in henna that makes up the dye properties is called lawsome.

Since it is a natural product, there are no known side effects. Though with any cosmetic product, if you are unsure about sensitivity or allergenic reactions, do a test spot on the skin and watch for reactions.

Henna Product | Body Art Supply

The appeal? Painless temporary tattoos. Cutting edge. Cool. Sexy. Painless. Fun. No needles, just a paste. What was in this month might be out the next, so with Mehndi a lifetime commitment (like real tattoos) is not necessary as the designs fade within 1-4 weeks depending on where the designs are placed and how long you leave the henna paste on. No artistic talent is needed! If you can draw squiggly lines or write names you can be a Mehndi artist. Stencils are great for intricate patterns as well.

The less exposed to water, soap, or rubbing…the longer the designs will linger. There are also several tips, tricks, and techniques used for darker and longer lasting designs.

As with any art form, there are numerous variables. Some people like to apply the mehndi oil to the skin before applying the paste to prime the skin to accept the natural dye of the product.

Then it is time to wait, 1-2 hours is the recommended minimum…the longer the better… for a deeper, intense, longer lasting tattoo.

There are Different Methods of Applying Mehndi

Different Methods of Applying Mehndi | Body Art Supply
  • You can use the pre-made henna paste and apply it with the 3 supplied tips. …. Very fine, fine, and a long slit tip for writing names or whatever you chose.
  • Tube paste is great for convenience and good color but making your own paste gives superior color. We know you’ll enjoy the various tips and the design features they offer and include special tips and tricks in our kit instructions.
  • Use henna powder and mix it with hot (boiling) water and special oils (eucalyptus or other) to make your own paste and experiment with different recipes to achieve color variables ranging from deep oranges to shades of dark brown and tan. Keeping the paste smooth is the trick.
  • If you can mix up pancake batter, then you can do and use Mehndi for the wonderful art form and temporary tattoo experience.

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